Daily Feline Prompt: Archaic Feline


What am I worth, nothing, I am annoyed? Some human years ago, about 4-5 years, I decided to blog. I was one of the first felines that blogged. I had my own site and my litter sister Nera and apprentice Fluffy would also tell everyone about their daily life. They would assist with the pawlines. How many mice, how many birds, the chasing of the flies on the wall and the many times the sound of the opposable human thumbs using the tin opener would animate us to meet around the food bowls for our tuna fish delights.

It was all part of our lives (3×9=27) which are a lot of lives. In the meanwhile my other two feline colleagues are living their 10th lives in the eternal corn chambers catching mice. OK, I now have five remaining lives, and every morning I awake and my first thought is what shall I write today. The cats at WordPress would discover new adventures for me to write about.

My slave, Mrs. Human, would do the actual paw work, but under my observance. She will now become redundant. She translates my meows into human for all to read. I tell her what to write. It seems that my experiences of the feline world are no longer wanted. Humans you are missing a big chance to improve your lives. The daily Feline Prompt is no longer wished for. Its place in the archives of WordPress will no longer exist. How can I support the importance of  the feline existence in a human world without my popular, famous and memorable blogs.

Equal rights for feline bloggers I say, and do not forget we were worshipped as gods in the old country whilst the humans were still eating bananas in the trees and we will return. Beware what you are doing WordPress, the felines will take their revenge.

Daily Feline Prompt: Archaic Feline

9 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Archaic Feline

  1. Tabby, I’m putting the link to one of my posts from today in here: https://curioussteph.com/2018/05/25/no-more-daily-post/. Like you, I find the post very helpful. So what I am offering to do is coordinate a list of willing contributors to the daily post–For example, I might do Monday, your friend Martha might take tuesday, and you or Mrs Human or both could put up a word for Wednesday. Each day would have a prompter of the day, and as long as we followed the blog of that person, then the prompt would appear in your feed. Instead of coming from WP directly, it would come from a collaborative group. I would certainly like you to join, as I so often enjoy your posts. Stephanie, Lucy’s Human

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