Daily Feline Prompt: Guilty Feline


Do I feel guilty for having a sleep?
Of course I do not, I can even count sheep
I never have problems and just close my eyes
Why should I care, I am very wise
I forget all events  that often do come
Especially the one with the unopposable thumb
In sleep we do everything, even open a tin
I know it’s a dream, but it is my great win
There are seas of tuna just waiting for me
I can see it all clearly, at last I am free
I drift on a cloud, have no feelings of guilt
My sleep is so needed, or my whiskers might wilt
But then it is time, I hear my alarm
There is movement in the kitchen, it is my lucky charm
A clank can be heard, someone is moving a dish
Time to wake up to a tuna fish dish

Daily Feline Prompt: Guilty Feline

11 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Guilty Feline

    • When we go shopping Tabby is sleeping on a bed somewhere, usually the overgrown kitten’s bed. When we return she is still sleeping on the bed. Not exactly an action feline.


  1. When Tabby dreams
    It’s of tuna fish
    At least in her dreams
    She gets her wish.
    We’re stuck in a kennel
    Who knows how long
    With our brave human
    Something is wrong.
    We wish she’d come get us
    And let us come home
    Along the river
    We both long to roam.
    Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • I heard it in the meow
      Your barks will soon be wow
      Your human is missing you all
      And soon will give a call
      Stay brave and do not be meek
      Have patience for the coming week
      As a cat I am wise and see all
      And your human will soon make a call
      You will soon be on the line and make a tog
      And then I can blame it all again on the dog+
      Have a meowful evening – Tabby

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  2. Parker can be sound asleep in the back of the house and all I have to do is open the cabinet where I keep her food bowl and she wanders into the kitchen as if, “Was I dreaming or did I hear food?”

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    • I had three cats. All I had to do was take out the can opener an from all directions they would arrive and look at me anticipating the next step and one of them was blind. They have an internal alarm system

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