Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Core


Today is apparently mother’s day. My mum had a big problem with that day. She was mother to so many, that she lost count. I suppose that was why we never really celebrated. Mum said not to bother, being a mother was routine. We were all shapes and sizes according to who our dads were, and she even forgot our dads. I think they were all blind dates.

When I arrived there were four of us. I was the only Tabby. My litter sister Nera moved on with me but she was bigger than I am and  had long black fur. That is why we say litter sister, because being quite frank about it, I am not sure that her dad was my dad. There were another two in the litter but I cannot remember what they looked like. It is not so important.

Apparently mum had a few more kittens after us and we heard that she had a big grey kitten that was bigger than mum. Yes mum loved variety in her life. I think I am lucky not have any screaming kittens. there are more important things in a feline life, such as I, me and myself and a bowl of tuna fish.

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Core