Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Retrospective


“Tabby, come out of my herb garden.”

“Definitely not. It smells good and I am sure it will be an enhancement to my daily smell. Talking of daily stuff Mrs. Human, what is the future of my daily feline prompts that all my feline fans wait for. The feline grid is disappearing today.”

“I am sure you will find something to tell everyone Tabby. You always seem to have something to meow about.”

“I have been writing daily since 10th October 2010 and today it will all come to an end. There will be tears on the streets, on the rooftops, on the walls, and even in the sewers where the rat population help to keep the feline population happy. Not to mention back in the old country where Bastet reads my daily blogs and praises the work I am doing in the name of all invincible felines.”

“Tabby wait and see, perhaps something new will arrive.”

“And what if it does not arrive. I will be left with restless paws. I will continue on my promotion ¬†for feline literature. I will write my promised novel about how we felines conquer the human world again.”


“Mrs. Human we were here first. We might have had longer teeth and lived in caves, but we were the first. The humans were sitting in the trees, or hiding behind rocks and served as an extra ration for the daily food.”

“Thank goodness times have changed Tabby.”

“Wait and see Mrs. Human, and I would advise you to find a comfortable tree to sit on. It will be safer. The felines will return. There are already battle cries to be heard.”

“I have not heard any Tabby.”

“That is because you are not listening. Have you noticed how my teeth are growing longer?”

“Only since the vet scraped away the dental calculus that had formed. Your teeth are looking much better now.”

“You think so. Do not change the subject, we will be back. In the meanwhile you can serve me a bowl of tuna fish, refill my water bowl and change the contents of my recycling tray.”

“Of course Tabby, at your command.”

“Very good Mrs. Human, keep it up, it is good to hear you practising.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Retrospective