Daily Feline Prompt: Famous Feline


Of course I am famous. Everyone knows me. I have so many contacts on the computer even Mrs. Human is getting jealous. I have more friends than she has. I told her she does not use the right philosophy when writing. Showing photos of places she visits and telling people all about it is just plain boring.

I show photos of me and talk about myself. This interests my Pawbook feline colleagues. They do not want to know about the exciting conversations I have with my wall. They have their own walls to converse with and study. My food also does not interest them, they are only interested in what they have in their food bowls, although there is one subject we agree on and that is how tasteless vitamin pellets are. Now and again we send a few online hisses to each other. Purrs? no never, that is only for the softies. We felines are not friendly, we dislike each other, but that is what makes the feline world go round. We never have wars or arguments. They go unnoticed because it is a permanent state of feline life, we just hate each other.

If I take a walk in my territory and put one paw over the borderline, I am immediately confronted with the paw from another feline showing extended claws, or perhaps  a feline is blocking my path, hissing and ready to attack. This is the normal feline way of making contact. My mum always said it is a wonder that the feline race exists with so many kittens. Each time she left one of our dads after their memorable meeting, she would part with a yowl, a scratch and a hiss. Signs of true feline love I suppose.

And now I must go and show myself from my better side. Mrs. Human is preparing a meal of tuna fish, and we do not want to spoil the meal.

Daily Feline Prompt: Famous Feline