Daily Feline Prompt: Broken Feline


Not that I want to over exaggerate or make a fuss, but I do have a problem. For the past few years I have had a routine and we felines love to have a routine. Everything must happen at the same time in the same place. Without out daily habits a feline wash is not worth washing, a feline lick means nothing and not to mention the daily scratch behind the ear.

Now Mrs. Human tells me that my daily feline blog will be no more. Tomorrow is the last time when my feline friends will be gazing at their CatPress sites waiting to read my adventures and all my successes that I have achieved. I go for walks to defend my territory  and tell everyone about it, how I fight off the other felines with sharpened claws and death defying hisses. I am a hero and conquer all obstacles placed in my way.

Even the wall I stare at for hours, realises my talents and passes the word onto other walls. Every lick on my fur, every scratch in the right place is registered so that I can tell my public all about it. They are all waiting for the next news from my feline lair. I have become famous in the ww catweb and now this stops tomorrow.

Catpress, the feline partners of WordPress, will no longer encourage my feline words of wisdom from tomorrow. My afternoon routine is completely destroyed. What shall I do? Mrs. Human says I could perhaps  tidy up my recycling tray- That is naturally not feline work, for that I have a human.

I have decided to extend my sleeping time by two hours to fill in the empty space that my daily feline prompt will leave behind.

Daily Feline Prompt: Broken Feline