Daily Feline Prompt: Complicated Feline


Me, complicated? Never, although it depends on the comparisons. Compared to a human I am very logical. Humans do not understand our high level of intelligence. I wait at an open window, Mrs. Human tells me to go if I want to go. How can I go when I am still thinking about it. Humans live in one stress, they have no time to spare, and so we felines must make the decisions for them. We like to take it easy and think about it. If the window is open it might be an invitation to danger. How do I know what is waiting for me around the next tree. The human says she is cold, it is perhaps snowing or raining. Mrs. Human might also complain that there is a wind blowing, and even if the sun is shining it is too hot to stand in front of an open window.

Humans are never satisfied. As I said they live in stress situations constantly. We felines wait, sit and think and might even have a scratch before we decide. We take it easy, ¬†one paw out of the window and Mrs. Human is already beginning to approach the window to close it. It is then that I rethink the situation, but my paw stays where it is. Humans tend to get nervous , it is a study of human reactions. They get impatient and begin to talk in loud voices. This is when I try to help and relax with my body half out of the open window and half inside. Even this does not sooth the human. It seems we felines can do nothing right and they tell us we are complicated. The word “complicated” does not even exist in meow, but how can you explain that to a subordinate creature.

Daily Feline Prompt: Complicated Feline