Daily Feline Prompt: Abrupt Feline


“What are you doing this afternoon Tabby?”

“I am not sure, I am still thinking about it. I could have a sleep, although I have already done that today for 5 hours this morning. Although another three hours would not be so bad. You can never sleep enough Mrs. Human.”

“I think your allotted time for sleep has been fulfilled for today Tabby.”

“Only half of it, but I suppose I should get some exercise in between.”

“That is a good idea Tabby, you could take a walk in your territory and perhaps investigate if anything new has happened.”

“That would be too exhausting Mrs. Human. I was thinking more in the direction of exercising my face muscles and my digestive system.”

“Good idea, Tabby, I will fill your bowl with healthy vitamin pellets. They are very good for your chewing process.”

“My chewing process is perfect. My jaws even ache after a meal of hard indigestible vitamin pellets. I was thinking more in the way of encouraging my body to enjoy the benefits of juicy tuna fish and its juice.”

“But you had tuna fish yesterday Tabby. Even you could get bored with the same food.”

“Oh, I do Mrs. Human, definitely. The vitamin pellets are boring me to death, figuratively speaking of course. Has there ever been a case of a feline choking to death on vitamin pellets Mrs. Human?”

“I do not think so, but being suffocated by a fish bone is also dangerous.”

“There are no bones in tuna fish in tins Mrs. Human.”

“I know Tabbby, I was just saying that tuna fish could be a danger. It could happen suddenly.”

“An abrupt loss of a life due to tuna fish is not known in the feline history. Mrs. Human, it is either tuna fish or sleep and forget the vitamin pellets. I feel healthy and do not want to have a meowmare about felines suffocating on a vitamin pellet, unless of course you revise your decision and serve a bowl of tuna fish.”

“Of course, Tabby, I cannot have you suffering from insomnia worrying about your last meal of vitamin pellets, although they are very healthy.”

“Mrs. Human open the tin of tuna before I die of hunger.”

Daily Feline Promot: Abrupt Feline