Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Doppelgänger


Bin ich froh dass ich zweimeowig bin in deutsch und english. It is difficult for a normal feline to be able to understand german and english, remembering that we have to translate everything simultaneously from meow, but I am super intelligent and have no problem.

There is no other feline that resembles myself in looks or in intelligence. I am unique. My fur has its own designer pattern: note the “M” design on my forehead. Macdonalds are still fighting the court case where I accused them of plagiarism, for stealing the design for their hamburgers, although we are reaching an agreement. They will supply me with Big Macs for my entire 9 lives (although 4 have already been used).

For those of you that are having sleepless nights (and days) because there is a rumour that my Daily Feline Meows  my be coming to an end, I can reassure you that I will continue in spite of the shameful way I am being treated here. I am so popular that thousands of cats have written in Pawbook to tell me to stay. There was even a breakdown on the Pawbook circuit due to overloading of the site “We love Tabby”.

Be reassured there will be no “Doppelgänger”. I am irreplaceable. There is even a discussion in the 10th life land that I will be reinstated as a god, although the neighbour’s cat has has had his eye on my territory for some time.

And now I must go. Quentin Paws Tarantino is on the meowline, about my new film. “From Meow to Hiss”.

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Doppelgänger

15 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Doppelgänger

  1. What is that about her days coming to an end? Are there health issues? I know she is not the youngest cat around and I know she won’t live forever. I just thought it would be so nice if she was able to reach 23, like some cats I have had the honour to know could.

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    • The Daily Prompt is closing on 31st May which means there will no longer be invitations from WordPress to write on a theme. OK, some do and some don’t, but those that do are very disappointed. It is something that has existed for at least 8 years and now it is probably not bringing in enough money for the WordPress organisation, or whatever. Tabby will continue to paw probably, but is not sure how and when. For her 16 years she is still going strong.

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  2. Hi Tabby, Martha here. Dusty was unable to access your blog from the kennel. He asked if you could send telepathic posts either directly to him (if possible) otherwise to one of the cats staying at the Cattery at Noah’s Arff. I said that was a lot to ask, but he said you’d understand. Yr pal, Martha

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