Daily Feline Prompt: Slightly Feline


Today I am only slightly here. I have some sleep to do, It was a difficult night as I could not decide where to sleep. The humans restrict my movements at night because they also sleep. If humans sleep it means they shut the doors to their sleeping places and this restricts my choice of where to sleep. They completely block any chance of a comfortable place on a duvet or cushion. they ignore me, shut me out from their existence. They can be so selfish.

I have no other choice but to search for somewhere to spend the night. Of course they decide to hold their sleeping sessions when I am usually outside. Nights are the best times for hunting and sniffing and discovering life in its natural state. Exhausted from my explorations of the outside world, I stumble through my cat flap and make my way to a human bed. This is when the sordid truth hits, my humans no longer want me. I have tried meowing and scratching at their closed doors, but to no avail. Night is not a good time if you own humans. They lose their respect for you and do their own thing. I am condemned to find somewhere to sleep on my own.

When dawn breaks I realise that I am laying on a chair. I hear the sound of a bedroom door opening. I jump onto the still warm bed and am promptly told to leave, as this bed made be made. Luckily every human as its own sleeping cushion and the overgrown kitten that still lives with my human has left. His bed is made and I decide this is the place for the next 5-6 hours. The problems we felines have to solve during our day, no respect or consideration from a human. You would think that their homes were their own private possession.

Daily Prompt: Slightly Feine