Daily Feline Prompt: Observing Feline


There are some places in my home which I find very useful. I noticed Mrs. Human was searching for me, probably another photo deadline to be kept, but let her search. And me, I was watching her of course. I crept under the bed cover and made myself comfortable and heard her pacing up and down and calling my name. However I made a mistake.

“There you are Tabby, under the bed cover.”

“I was having a few quite moments Mrs. Human, no problem. Just out of curiosity how did you find me so quickly?”

“That was easyTabby. When you climb under the cover you lift the edge where you enter. You have done that since you was a kitten so I found you immediately. All I had to do was lift the cover, for a photo of course, and there you were.”

I think my human is becoming very sly. It seems that my feline qualities are being copied. She is learning too fast. I will have to be very careful, otherwise she will know my movements before I know them myself. Of course she put clean bed linen on the human beds today and they are so nice and comfortable and have an interesting smell. It is to compare to when she refills my vitamin pellets. The fresh pellets taste much better than the old pellets. Not that it means I like them, but they are  a little more appetising.

And now to find a new place to sleep. I think I will take the armchair. It is nice and comfortable and I can see all the human movements in my home. It is necessary to keep an eye on the humans, you never know what ideas they might get. They can be very unpredictable.

Daily Feline Prompt: Observing Feline