Daily Feline Prompt: Guilty Feline


Do I feel guilty for having a sleep?
Of course I do not, I can even count sheep
I never have problems and just close my eyes
Why should I care, I am very wise
I forget all events  that often do come
Especially the one with the unopposable thumb
In sleep we do everything, even open a tin
I know it’s a dream, but it is my great win
There are seas of tuna just waiting for me
I can see it all clearly, at last I am free
I drift on a cloud, have no feelings of guilt
My sleep is so needed, or my whiskers might wilt
But then it is time, I hear my alarm
There is movement in the kitchen, it is my lucky charm
A clank can be heard, someone is moving a dish
Time to wake up to a tuna fish dish

Daily Feline Prompt: Guilty Feline