Daily Feline Prompt: Disappearing Feline


This is how it is when all your feline hopes disappear of going places and seeing things moving in the grass underpaw and even having a conversation with your favourite wall. All your hopes are dashed, destroyed, by just one heavy shower of rain. The water is coming from above, the worst possible scene you can imagine. You cannot drink it and not avoid it. Your fur coat gets wet and drops of rain drip off the nose.

If the water is below there is no problem. You can walk in it an even have a refreshing drink from it. In the olden days in the old country when we were worshipped as gods some of us even managed to walk on the water, but they were copy cats of course. A   human guy did it and they got big ideas.

I am now just laying here and waiting for the rain to stop, I have no choice. I am a victim of the elements. Even my wall is wet, but it carries on regardless. And the rain has stopped. My wall is shaking off the water and everything is back to normal. And now to have a refrshing drink from the puddles in my territory. All is not lost, I am back again.

Daily Feline Prompt: Disappearing Feline