Daily Feline Prompt: Thin Feline


I have never been thin, I have never been fat
I am a the perfect well balanced cat
The secret to it all is eat through and through
and ignore the human saying it is good for you
With vitamin pellets you will stay very thin
Your tail will get smaller, and resemble a pin
There is only one solution, a feline’s greatest wish
Your bowl constantly filled with the nutritious tuna fish
It is full of vitamins and keeps you in good form
It makes you feel good, and keeps your whiskers warm
A side dish of catmint will also keep you high
You can climb every tree and even reach the sky
Ignore any advice that might come from a vet
You are I, me and myself, and definitely not a pet
Do not listen to those that might say you are odd
Remember back to the day when you were worshipped as a god

Daily Feline Prompt: Thin Feline