Daily Feline Prompt: Rapid Feline


“Tabby where are you going?”

“No time Mrs. Human, I have an urgent matter to deal with.”

“What it so urgent Tabby?”

“It’s feline business, nothing to do with humans. I will be back if I survive, save my tuna fish.”

“Survive? It sounds very serious.”

“Feline lives are always serious, always a matter of 9 lives and deaths. We must take care how we spend them.”

“And she has gone, but I can hear loud meows and hisses. Tabby, you are back.”

“Just a small misunderstanding to deal with, but now everything is back to normal.”

“It sounded very serious.”

“It was Mrs. Human but Roschti the feline next door and me dealt with it.”

“You had a fight?”

“Felines do not fight Mrs. Human, it was just a slight feline misunderstanding.”

“Between you and Roschti?”

“Not exactly, Butch was also involved.”

“You mean the cat that always sits on a cushion in front of his house.”

“That was the problem, he left his cushion.”

“And attcked you and Roschti.”

“He did not attack anyone because we sent him back to his cushion.”

“And that was what all the noise was about.”

“It was just a matter of putting him in his right place.”

“And now everythng is fine.”

“Not quite, someone stole Roschti’s hairball and he is still searching for it. ”

“Seems you lead an exciting life Tabby.”

“And now I am exhausted after all that war strategy so I will take a short five hour sleep. But no, it is not possible.”

“What’s wrong Tabby.”

“There is a hairball in my bed.”

“You stole Roschti’s hairball?”

“No, I think Butch is trying to double paw us. Things happen fast here.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Rapid Feline