Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Doppelgänger


Bin ich froh dass ich zweimeowig bin in deutsch und english. It is difficult for a normal feline to be able to understand german and english, remembering that we have to translate everything simultaneously from meow, but I am super intelligent and have no problem.

There is no other feline that resembles myself in looks or in intelligence. I am unique. My fur has its own designer pattern: note the “M” design on my forehead. Macdonalds are still fighting the court case where I accused them of plagiarism, for stealing the design for their hamburgers, although we are reaching an agreement. They will supply me with Big Macs for my entire 9 lives (although 4 have already been used).

For those of you that are having sleepless nights (and days) because there is a rumour that my Daily Feline Meows  my be coming to an end, I can reassure you that I will continue in spite of the shameful way I am being treated here. I am so popular that thousands of cats have written in Pawbook to tell me to stay. There was even a breakdown on the Pawbook circuit due to overloading of the site “We love Tabby”.

Be reassured there will be no “Doppelgänger”. I am irreplaceable. There is even a discussion in the 10th life land that I will be reinstated as a god, although the neighbour’s cat has has had his eye on my territory for some time.

And now I must go. Quentin Paws Tarantino is on the meowline, about my new film. “From Meow to Hiss”.

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Doppelgänger