Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Agility


Are you listening kittens? I am not just looking out of the window, but I am waiting for a sparrow to arrive on the ground outside. Then I can begin to evalutate the force of 1 Newton necessary to capture the bird.   Agility is my second name of course. It is all a matter of mathematical equations and keeping the balance. If I push off with my back legs they must be in equilibrium with each other. If the right paw is raised then the left paw must be in accordance with the right paw and when you push off,  you must be sure to stay in a direct line. Of course you can turn to approach the object you wish to reach, but then the two front paws must be applied, otherwise the torque could be a little out of balance, especially if a rotational movement is involved.

Falling is also to be practiced. I can do a triple somersault in the air before my paws touch the ground, applying my tail as stabiliser. These things must be practiced of course. Remember kittens to look where you are going. We do not leap for the fun of it, we leap to reach a certain target. It might be food, or, oh forget it. There is no point on wasting your energy on a jump if food is not involved. If you see a bird in a tree then wait and jump when it approaches. This is where you must apply the energy units used in atom physics to get to where you are going. As you leap in the air, focus on the bird and clap your front paws together. If your judgement is correct, the bird will be trapped between the paws and will fall to the ground. Q.E.D. It is all a matter of binary arithnmetic, combined with a little quantum mathematics, and above all luck.

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Agility

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