Daily Feline Prompt: Dominating Feline


“Before you start clicking away with your cell phone thing, I am awake Mrs. Human.”

“I thought you were sleeping, you have your eyes closed.”

“Having my eyes closed does not mean I am sleeping. I see and hear all. I am always present. You can sleep with both eyes shut as long as the brain is operating.”

“You see when you are sleeping?”

“Of course, not only do we have 9 lives (less those that have been used) but we have a second sight, day and night.*

“Good Tabby, then I do not have to have a bad conscience when I tell you to move.”

“Felines do not take orders from humans, we give the orders, and I am staying where I am.”

“But there are so many other places where you could sleep, or be in your second sight world. That is my chair.”

“And? It is also my chair, do we have to discuss the possessional rights of a feline compared to those of a human?”

“No Tabby, of course not, that would be a lost cause. I would say all you have to do is to go to another chair which would be just as comfortable.”

“But I want to sleep on this chair Mrs. Human. I do not do “second best”.  Speaking as an ex-god I would say I still have to maintain my rightful position in the world of having the last meow. Mrs. Human there is a chair in the kitchen that no-one needs, you can sit there – just saying.”

“But I do not want to sit in the kitchen, I want to sit in the living room on a comfortable chair.”

“Yes Mrs. Human, you are right.”

“Really, you agree?”

“Of course I do. It is a comfortable chair, that is why I chose it.”

“But Tabby.”

“Finished Mrs. Human, I am now sleeping, my second sight is now closing down until I am fed.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Dominating Feline