Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Carving

Tabby Claws

Carving is one of my favourite pastimes. I am equipped with all the tools necessary. Two paws at the front and two paws at the back.  They both include claws which are the tools I need. The front claws are the carving claws. If I see a tree I dig my back claws into the earth for balance and carve into the wood of the tree trunk. There is nothing better for passing the time. What is even better is furniture, something that Mrs. Human has in my home. She can get quite annoyed when I indulge in making patterns on her furniture with my claws. I find it is a vast improvement on the furniture, with original designs. Mrs. Human finds I am ruining the furniture with my claws.

I suppose it is a question of art appreciation. The furniture gets an original design afterwards, something not everyone has. Scratch marks are the most perfect pattern and original. I even sign them with my name, just an “X” is sufficient. Mrs. Human recognises my individual marking immediately. It could be she will exhibit my creations in an art gallery one day.

And now I must leave you, my 6th sense tells me there will be a bowl of tuna fish ready to be carved, but this time with my teeth.

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Carving