Daily Feline Prompt: Evoked Feline


There are times when a smell evokes memories of a mum that I never really got to know. She was too busy counting that we were all there. As soon as we no longer needed the milk tap, she was off on her journeys. The life of a feline kitten is short. You learn how to wash behind your ear, to clean out the grit from between the claws and bury your recycled matter. As soon as you begin to chew and swallow real solid food, you are old enough to get on with your own life. At least that seems to be the idea that mum had. There were all sorts of human visitors arriving through the door and one of us always disappeared with them.

Eventually my time had come. Mrs. Human arrived and said she would take two of us together. She thought it would be a good idea that we would not feel lonely alone, and so Nera my litter sister, and me were bundled into one of those carrying cages and we had our first ride in a car. It was the first of many, but we do not talk about the other journeys as they usually arrived at the vet and the vet is someone we do not talk about, he who should not be mentioned.

Mr. Human soon realised that it was Nera and myself that had sent out our signals via whisker that she was the chosen one. We moved in and took over and began our human training programme. She is still training, but the perfect human has not yet been created.

And my real mum? The last that was seen of her was a silhoutte on a rooftop together with an unknown cat. She knew many unknown cats I believe. I often see other cats that evoke memories of recognition, they even call me sis. Yes my mum was quite active in her younger days.

Daily Feline Prompt: Evoked Feline