Daily Feline Prompt: Trilling Feline


“Meow, meow, meowowowowowow”

“Tabby those meows are ear splitting.”

“I am practicing Mrs. Human. I am learning to trill just like a bird.”

“But you are a feline and try as you may, you will never trill like a bird.”

“Everything is possible. If I can imitate a bird, they will accept me as one of their own and then there will no longer be any escape for them, they will be the victims of my claws.”

“I don’t think that will work. Your vocal chords are not suitable for trilling or tweeting. Apart from that, birds have feathers and you have fur. I have also never seen a bird with whiskers.”

“No problem, Mrs. Human. you can make me a bird costume. I can wear it and they will never know the difference.”

“Birds do not walk on four paws, they hop and they also have a beak and no tail. It will not work Tabby.”

“Then you must make the legs on the birdhouse shorter to bring them down to my level.”

“Tabby you are fed regularly at home, there is always food in your bowl, you do not need to catch birds.”

“Mrs. Human, there is a difference in vitamin pellets and birds with nice juicy wings. You also prefer chickens wings to the legs, not to mention the nice white meat from the breast of a chicken.”

“Chickens are something different Tabby.”

“Of course they are, they are bigger than sparrows, but meat is meat Mrs. Human. I need a change in my diet. Meowowowowow.”

“Forget it Tabby, you will never be accepted by the birds.”

“I don’t want to be accepted, I just want to eat them.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Trilling Feline