Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Shock


I am a very poor feline, and I am feeling blue
There were vitamin pellets for dinner, and they are hard to chew
I searched in the all the corners and even lifted my dish
But I am now starving, where is my tuna fish
I decided to take a walk, but there was storm and rain
I was looking for a bird, but they were busy eating grain
Today is not a good day, I pawed my way round the block
And then I saw a dog, which gave my whiskers a shock
I decided to run for my life, but it was hard on my paws
I turned to face the hound and then put out my claws
In the meanwhile Mrs. Human called, the tuna fish is here
I ran as fast as I could, because I had some fear
And then I reached my feline flap and squeezed inside with might
The dog he tried to follow, but then he got stuck so tight
There is a moral to my story, I havn’t found it yet
but let a feline adopt you, they are the better pet

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Shock