Daily Feline Prompt: Studying Feline


I have spent all of my 9 lives studying, probably why I had to drop a couple of lives on the way. Humans are an interesting study. They sleep when it is dark. The time when most exciting things happen, When the mice leave their places in the earth and when we felines find it is the best time for hunting. Humans do not hunt, they go to supermarkets, pick what they want and pay for it. Humans have no fun in life, no excitement. Humans eat food at a table and we felines are left on the ground to plead for food, and hope that our bowls are constantily filled.

Humans walk on two legs, which is strange. You can move much faster on four legs. I could never understand why they use their arms separately from using their legs. Of course they have opposable thumbs which means they can open tins and prepare food for their masters, the felines.

Humans cover themselves with water when they wash. They use something called a shower and mix this with a perfumed substance called soap. We felines are more independent, just a lick with the tongue and the job is done. Although I notice that humans are not as agile as we felines are, and cannot scratch behind their ears with their legs and their tongues have no sharp edges. They are not able to use telepathy as we felines and make loud noises with their mouth, they do not even have whiskers or fur growing on their bodies.

After a careful study of the situation I have come to the conclusion that humans are complicated and a misconstruction, with the exception of the opposable thumbs. Perhaps it is better this way, we felines need our time to relax and ponder over the meaning of feline life and our human training programme. Humans are there to obey.

Daily Feline Prompt: Studying Feline