Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Entertainment


“Yes Mrs. Human”

“Are you staying at home all afternoon Tabby?”

“That is my intention. I have no need to leave my warm comfortable home and venture into the cold outside. It is not enetertaining when my whiskers freeze and my paws get frostbite.”

“It would do you good to get some fresh air Tabby. You have been sleeping all morning and part of the afternoon.”

“Is fresh air something you can eat?”

“No Tabby, it is something to breathe, to revive you and have a little action time.”

“I get enough action when I change my sleeping positions. Do you realise the concentration it needs to reach a decision on how to position myself. Sometimes I have to make three full circles with my body to be able to find the perfect position. Yesteday I rested my head on my paw and slept at least half the night in that position. When I awoke I had to exercise my paw to get the blood flowing again. I called for help. I needed a paw massage, but you were not there when I needed you most of all: typical human.”

“Perhaps that was because I was also sleeping Tabby. I do not hear you in the night.”

“Mrs. Human I am the most important subject in your life. You should really adjust your daily sleeping sessions to mine. You should have a cat phone next to your bed to register my needs during the night.”

“No, Tabby, we only have baby phones, cat phones have not yet been invented. I do not intend to lay awake all night in case you need me.”

“Are you insinuating that I spend all my time sleeping.”

“Of course not tabby, just 23 hours a day. So what about a walk outside to revive you.”

“Forget it. I have a better idea. I will now position myself and expose my wonderful furry tummy and you will oblige with a tummy tickle for the first five minutes. Afterwards you may progress to my chin with gentle strokes backwards and forwards. When you notice I am sleeping you may stop.”

Tabby I really have better things to do.”

“What could be better than pampering a feline?”

“I was thinking of applying my opposable thumbs to open…….”

“a tin of tuna fish.”

“Actually I was going to say a bag of healthy vitamin pellets. Tabby, where are you? She is snoring again in her sleep. You can never do anything right for a feline.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Entertainment