Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Loopholes


There are many holes, you just have to put your paw over the hole or enter the hole with the paw and a mouse will soon appear. Sometimes you have to wait, but feline patience is a virtue.”

“Tabby, this is about loopholes, not mouseholes.”

“Ok Mrs. Human, keep your hair on, I am coming to that part. You must set priorities and they do not have loops, only mice.”

So where was I before I was rudely interrupted. Now I have lost the thread, my loop is broken. Loopholes are the ones without mice, but just space that I can enter and be protected from all sides.

“Tabby you are confusing the loophole with the cupboard hole between the shelves, where you sometimes have a sleep.”

“I am getting there Mrs. Human, do not interrupt.”

As I was saying, there are many different types of holes. The bathroom carpet has loops and I often find that my claws get trapped in them. It can be very annoying when I hang on a loop. The holes are very small and not very claw friendly.

“Tabby, loopholes are excuses you can apply that are not really excuses, but just a way of avoiding the truth.”

There she goes again, intruding on my lecture. Loophole does not exist in meow I wanted to say. And now I must go, I have just seen a new mouse hole outside and must examine the possibility of having mouse for dinner.

“Tabby, you cannot avoid writing about things, by saying they do not exist in meow, that is a loophole explanation.”

I don’t know why I bother, humans always want to have the second to last word. The last word is always mine: felines first.

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Loopholes