Daily Feline Prompt: Tardy Feline


This is my normal dining room. Note I am drinking from my water bowl and ignoring the bowl of hard vitamin pellets next to it. On a good day, I get an extra bowl filled with tuna fish, but good days are few and far between. I managed to educate Mrs. Human about meal times. She had some silly idea of serving three meals a day, morning, afternoon and evening. I had to remind her softly by paw, that felines do not have times of the day, but just day and night and availability of food at all times.

Day is the time for sleeping and perhaps fitting in a few bites in between. There is no sleeping routine, I sleep when I am tired which is quite often. I cannot afford to lose time searching for a meal and it is imperative that there is always food available, otherwise I would starve to death.

During the night I often take a bite or two or three or even more. I have to prepare my physical condition for midnight walks. Of course I also sleep during the night now and again. Life is just one big sleep and eat, but what else does a feline have? Now and again I indulge in physical exercise. Washing is a great way of keeping your limbs moving. A lick on the paw, a wipe behind the ear and on the face and of course other places, which will not be mentioned. There might be kittens reading my wise words.

Another very useful exercise is turning before sleep. No self-respecting feline would sit in the sleeping place before turning twice anticlockwise. This helps to balance the mind and puts the nine lives into alignment (or those lives that still exist). As you can see, the life of a feline is not just eat and sleep, but pondering on the meaning of 9 lives.

Daily Feline Prompt: Tardy Feline