Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Allergies


Gather around kittens, and listen to my wise words. Never trust a human. They can be very unreliable, as most slaves are. There are times when they forget that your ancestors were worshipped as gods. They do not intend to be disrespectful, but they have their own ideas on a perfect life.

The are convinced that the vet  is the only way a feline can be helped, but do not forget kittens, vets are also humans. They are convinced that a jab and poke in the private areas of your immaculate body will be a cure forever. It is when they utter the words concerning  a further appointment you know they have you where they want you: another prod and another degrading examination. If you hear the word “vet” then your first reaction must be to hide in a place where a human cannot reach you The best choice is beneath a bed, as far away as possible. There are warning signals of a vet visit. Your carrying cage will suddenly appear for no reason and doors in you home will be closed. There will be no escape. We more experienced and larger cats can complicate the ordeal by spreading our four paws and gripping the sides of the cage.

Kittens also have an advantage. I remember my fist vist to the vet when I could squeeze behind a very heavey cupboard into a narrow space. Oh yes, the humans would utter loud noises and have to move the cupboard.

They might win every time, but not without a fight.

Make the most of your kittenhood, times will get difficult as you grow. They will feed you with vitamin pellets, convinced that they are doing the right thing. At the beginning you will be given the softer pellets suitable for kittens. This is a trick as these pellets have the magic forumula. You will will enjoy them, as they contain tasty elements. As you grow and get older the pellets change. They become harder and with less flavour and an allergic reactoin will be necessary incorporating hissing and scratching. Insist on tuna fish where you can.

These are my wise words of the day.

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Allergies