Daily Feline Prompt: Viable Feline


Everything is possible if I had opposable thumbs
I could open up cans and clear away crumbs
I would clean my own tray and remove recycled waste
What am I meowing, not so much haste
If I did everything Mrs. Human would despair
She would no longer be needed, and I must be fair
Without her life’s work in caring for me
She would feel most unwanted, with a life without glee
She gives me to eat and attends to my need
I should let her do more, I am sure she will plea
Her life would be empty if I did it myself
I am sure she would suffer and fall into bad health
So forget the whole thing, keep my paws as they are
Who needs opposable thumbs, humans are better by far
She would feel so useless, with no purpose and all that
There is only one thing she needs, and that is a cat

Daily Feline Prompt: Viable Feline