Daily Feline Prompt: Inscrutable Feline


“Mr. Tabby Cat, it is a pleasure to be able to interview such a famous feline today for The Feline News Channel on Paw TV.”

“It’s my pleasure to be here Mr. David Meowman.”

“Tell me what do you think of humans?”

“Are you serious? We felines do not waste time in our valuable 9 lives thinking about humans. We concentrate on making humans think about us. Their lives must revolve on the welfare of their feline leaders.”

“Of course Mr. Tabby, you are right. Do you have any suggestions for improvement of your living conditions.”

“Oh, many David, and just call me Your highness or Sir. Mr. Tabby sounds so official and we must maintain our position in life. In connection with your question, there is always room for improvement. I was thinking of the usage of vitamin pellets as a food essential for felines. They are hard, have no smell and very neutral in taste. Their only usage is to produce a perfect hairball.”

“Talking of hairballs, I understand you have perfectionated the manufacture of a hairball.”

“Oh yes, no problem, my hairballs are admired worldwide. I have even brought you one to show the viewers.”

“Thankyou sir, I am honoured. It does have a wonderful texture and the colour effects are perfect. I would say unique.”

“Yes, it is the result of practice making perfect and I am the best.”

“I was studying various portraits of yourself and I must say there is a certain mysterious undefinable deep meaning in your eyes. I have heard you are a great thinker and analyst of meow thoughts.”

“Oh yes, of course. It originates in the old county where my ancestors were worshipped as gods, and throughout history became the support of many strains of witchcraft. Yes many of us had to move into the 10th life as heroes. I have inherited the depth of mind reading, of telepathy and I would advise other felines to do the same. I am only to glad to help them with my advice. You may contact me in Pawbook for lessons.”

“That is very generous Sir.”

“Oh I am known for my generosity, just 2 tins of tuna fish and you can indulge in an hour of my advice.”

“I grateful that you have spent your valuable time in giving an interview for Paw TV for for allowing our viewers to learn more about the life of one of our most famous felines.”

“No problem Mr. Meowman, it was my pleasure. You may leave my fee as you leave.”

“It has already been organised Sir, I believe we agreed on 10 tins of tuna fish.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Inscrutable Feline