Daily Feline Prompt: Brilliant Feline


Just look at me. I am radiating brilliance, I am brilliant. I am the best and do not forget it is Tabby first. My perfect whiskers are envied by all, felines of course. A human could never have such perfect whiskers. These are not a 3-day whisker, but the product of 9 lives (minus 4) and careful preening dailyfor the past 15 years.  And look at my eyes, they are the eyes of a wise, intelligent feline. Eyes that see everything, whether it is night or day, although not too close. I can see a bird in a tree on the other side of my territory. Unfortunately if it would settle on the ground in front of me, I would smell it but not actually see it. Mrs. Human says I am short sighted, but she is just jealous as she is not as perfect as I am. Even she wears glasses because she is short sighted.

So where was I. Ah yes, talking about my perfection. My wonderful paws and the claws are the sharpest you can have. I sharpen them daily on the furniture at home. Another reason for human jealousy. They file their nails, to make them look good, but I sharpen my claws to make them feel good.

Let us face it I am brilliant and put everything else in the shadow. All I need to complete the picture would be opposable thumbs, but you cannot have everything.

“Mrs. Human, open the tuna fish can, I am ready to eat.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Brilliant Feline