Daily Feline Post: Re-Springing your Feline Step

Tell us about the last experience you had that left you feeling fresh, energized, and rejuvenated. What was it that had such a positive effect on you

Tabby taking a walk

“Tabby where are you galloping off to?”

“Can’t wait Mrs. Human, I have things to do. My paws are itching and I feel ten years younger.”

“That would make you 3 years old Tabby, you are now an elderly lady and should take it easy.”

“That is the difference between us felines and humans. If you go somewhere, you take a car, even a bus. We felines walk, or have a spring in our step and cannot afford to get old. We remain fit.”

“Unfortunately humans only have two legs and we tend to slow down as we get older.”

“That is because your food is already prepared. When was the last time you killed a cow or a chicken and prepared it for your food plate.”

“Humans don’t do that Tabby. We buy our food in shops and everything is ready to cook and eat.”

“That is what is missing in your daily life, the thrill of the chase, the success of the hunt. It keeps you fresh and young. And of course my food is fresh, no preservatives or refrigeration. It is very healthy Mrs. Human. The next time I catch a mouse, you can have one of the hind legs, or the tail if you prefer.”

“No thank you Tabby, Mouse is not a human commodity to eat and I notice that even you and your colleague Fluffy leave the tail when you have eaten the mouse.”

“That has its reasons Mrs. Human.”

“Which are?”

“You don’t want to know. And now I must go, a bird is preparing to land on the ground, where they are most vulnerable. Do not move Mrs. Human otherwise you will distract it.”

“Forget it Tabby.”

“Mrs. Human now it has flown away. It would have made such a good supplement to my lunch.”

“Tabby what you do with your mice is one matter, but the birds are to be left alone. I do not feed them to make them nice and meaty for your lunch.”

“Yes, Mrs. Human. I think we will have to have an eye to nose talk about that one day. That is not the teaching of Bastet.”

“But it is my teaching. And now you can climb your cat play centre to keep you fit. The hunting season is finished for today. Tabby, Tabby – typical feline now she is sleeping again.”

“Mrs. Human I have one ear open and am sleeping to ensure that when I wake I am fresh, energised and rejuvenated.

Daily Feline Prompt: Re-Springing your Feline Step