Daily Prompt: For Posterity – something a feline will never forget

Your blog just became a viral sensation. What’s the one post you’d like new readers to see and remember you by? Write that post.

Even felines like a viral sensation.

“That’s it Mrs. Human, the solution to all our problems, and yours as well. That would be something for the posterity of the feline world in our home. Come on Mrs. Human, we will help you with the plans. Fluffy and I are sure that Mr. Human would be able to do it.”

“What are you talking about Tabby?”

“Come and look at this YouTube video. That man understands the needs of a feline household.”

“Just a minute, he has rebuilt his house for his felines.”

“Exactly, that is a home. All you have managed up to now is to order a cat ladder from a online catalogue. It is better than nothing, but it was a little disappointing.”

“I thought it was a good idea Tabby.”

“The idea was good Mrs. Human, but I thought it was the beginning, but it seemed to be the end as well. I was waiting for the walkway leading to it across the ceiling and the catnip store room at the end of the passage. Fluffy and I thought that Mr. Human would have built a tunnel leading to the bird feeders and perhaps a nice picture on the wall of Garfield.”

“Yes Mrs. Human, Tabby is right. When is Mr. Human going to start the work? We will help him with our suggestions. Perhaps you could re-organise the garden into a cat park. We would have a corner for practicing territoral rights and a section for sleeping cats.”

“No way felines. We are not planning on rebuilding our home to make a feline paradise. You have your cat beds, your cat play centre and you have your corner with the food bowls. You also have your cat tray for recycling needs.”

“That is OK Mrs. Human, but you have two places for your recycling needs and I have to share a tray with Fluffy. You even have a fresh water supply in your recycling tray. We have to bury it all in sand and wait for it to be emptied. Couldn’t Mr. Human build us a modern disposal unit?”

“Two disposal units Tabby, I want my own.”

“No, no, no. One cat tray is enough.”

“But that human in the video did it all by himself. That is real quality. Perhaps you could send a copy of the video to the local carpenter and ask for an assessment for the work. I am sure it would be no problem. Fluffy and I can use your credit card to pay over our pawpad online. It would be no problem Mrs. Human.”

“You know what Tabby and Fluffy. Go to your sleeping cushions, the nice comfortable padded cushions that I bought especially for you both, and sleep.”

“Fluffy, she is not being very co-operative is she?”

“No and all we want is something a little more feline friendly.”

“Felines how about if I prepare a tuna fish meal instead of spending my valuable time on rebuilding our home to make it more feline friendly.”

“When we think of it Mrs. Human, yes, we would rather have the tuna fish instead of all that modern, efficient, feline friendly installations. But can we watch the film again?”

Daily Prompt: For Posterity – something a feline will never forget