Daily Prompt: Daring Do – with the felines

Tell us about the time you rescued someone else (person or animal) from a dangerous situation. What happened? How did you prevail?

Fluffy having temperature taken

“Mrs. Human, you are useless in dangerous situations. I needed your help and you just watched what they were doing and even took a photo.”

“Fluffy, we were at the uncle vets and the nice ladies were giving you your annual jabs and taking your temperature.”

“It was an insult to my dignity. How would you feel having someone stick something into the most sensitive part of your body and have your photo being taken at the same time. You were even talking to the attackers and laughing, telling them what a good boy I am. No-one asked me if I was being good, and I didn’t have much choice not to be good.”

“But Fluffy, it is all for the best to see that you are healthy.”

“Mrs. Human I do not know what healthy is, but I do know that this visit to the vets was not healthy. And please stop calling him uncle vet, he is not my uncle. My uncles had long curly fur and were something to be respected in the feline world. Great Uncle Selkirk was one of the originals of the Selkirk rex cats. We are something special and rare. Look at my whiskers, how nice and curly they are.”

“Fluffy stop showing off, you only have one whisker at the best of times if that doesn’t break and fall off.”

“Tabby you are just jealous of my individual characteristics. All you tabby felines have a MacDonalds “M” on your forehead, an advertisement for a human fast food chain. We Selkirk Rex are something special, unique.”

“Yes Fluffy, as long as your unique whisker in singular, does not break and fall off. I think that is a super photo of your visit to the vet, a really good memory.”

“So felines stop hissing at each other and be good. Your annual visit to the Uncle Vet will take place in a few weeks and I want you both on your best behaviour. No hissing or scratching the vet and his assistants or there will be no tuna fish this month: understood?”

“Yes Mrs. Human, we will both be good and brave in the face of the dangerous situation, just like our sister Nera was, may she be happy in the eternal corn chambers with Bastet.”

“I know felines, Nera had a reputation at the vets. I had to warn them that she was coming.”
“You see Mrs. Human, she was a real cat, not just a figment of the imagination. She didn’t need corkscrew whiskers like Fluffy.”

“Enough you two, otherwise I will take you tomorrow to the vets.”

And suddenly there was silence and two obedient felines.

Daily Prompt: Daring Do – with the felines