Daily Prompt: Be the Change – we felines do not like change

What change, big or small, would you like your blog to make in the world?

Tabby trying the new bag out

No, I don’t think I will bother. My blog is OK, I write more or less regularly on my pawpad, with a little help from Mrs. Human. She helps with the uploading, otherwise it is all my own work. What would I want to change?

Perhaps a paw friendly tin opener would be helpful. I would not have to depend on the humans to open the tins of tuna fish, I could do it all on my own. Of course, if my pawpad wrote miaow, it would be easier for those felines amongst us that have not yet learnt human words, but that is not such a problem. Mrs. Human understands miaow quite well. I just give her a hint and she fills my bowl with food ad water.

An electric fence would be OK surrounding my territory. We have too many felines wandering around in the neighbourhood that would like to take over. Perhaps the bird house could be reduced in size. I am no longer the youngest, and have problems jumping to pounce on the birds.

Basically we felines really do not like change. I awake in the morning and make my signal for Mr. Swiss to let me out. After I have refreshed my fur outside I return to Mrs. Angloswiss who is usually still in her human nest. I usually make a few signals to have my tummy tickled, or a few light strokes under the chin. Afterwards food is on the timetable. Just a few munches and then a some hours sleep in my pole position on top of the cupboard.

After midday I accompany Mrs Angloswiss on her golden oldie sleep. We dream together, she of what to write for her daily blog and I just drift into a land of tuna fish, birds and mice. Some time in the afternoon I decide to take a walk including a visit to the birds, In the evening I sleep again a few hours and at midnight when the humans want to retire to their sleeping places, I decided to take a walk, returning a few hours later to continue my sleep, with some refreshments in between.

So I ask you why should I need change in my feline life? Silly question really, we felines have enough change in life, hard work sleeping and hard work eating, not to mention the stress of protecting our territory from the invasion of the others.

And now for a few hours sleep, that was hard work writing that blog.

Daily Prompt: Be the Change – we felines do not like change