Daily Prompt: I Got Feline Skills

If you could choose to be a master (or mistress) of any skill in the world, which skill would you pick?


Here you can see me, just after I had finished playing the cat concerto for four paws. It was quite a success amongst the other felines, although Mrs. Human did not seem to appreciate the fine top notes. Of course we felines have a special gift of hearing notes that humans do not hear, or we hear them differently.

Another talent I have is butterfly capture. You should see me jump on the hot summer days when the butterfly fly. I have to judge the distance, but when I leap and clap both front paws together and everything going well, I have a squashed butterfly, ready to be digested by me. They are very tasty, but there again Mrs. Human has to add her disapproval. Something about such pretty insects are to be photographed and not eaten. I tried to explain it is all part of the circle of nature, but she found it is all part of the negative side of being cat. If humans had their way we would live completely on dried vitamin pellets and they are not interesting. I cannot develop my feline skills when chewing on dry pellets.

It goes without saying that I am an expert mouse catcher, although I seem to have it in my whiskers and paws. I feel the ground vibrating beneath my feet, search for an escape hole and wait patiently. When I realise the mouse is near I insert my paw into the space and protrude my claws. If the mouse safari is successful I withdraw my paw with a mouse. Oh, yes I am a very gifted feline.

Mrs. Human finds I should be content to wait until she feeds me, I am of another opinion. I am also very good at sleeping. I know at least twenty different positions: rolled into a ball, stretched out on a human sleeping place and I can even jump to the top of a cupboard. I have a ladder to return to ground level. My late sister Nera never used the ladder. She had some weight problems, but I am an expert. I can even jump from the third step to ground level. I am very good at jumping and that combined with insect catching, oh I am good.

I was thinking about taking part in the feline olympics this year, but Butch the organiser said something about climbing a tree and swimming across a river, so I am still thinking about it. Water is for drinking and not for swimming my mum told me when I was hanging on the milk tap.

Yes, we felines have many skills, but the best, the one where I one the gold medal, was sleeping. What feline can sleep 23 hours and spend an hour looking for a place to sleep. Yes, I am perfect in the sleeping skill.

Daily Prompt: I Got Feline Skills