Daily Feline Prompt: Bewildered Feline


“Mrs. Human, why are you walking on wheels?”

“Because I broke my leg and need support-”

“If I broke one of my legs,  I would still have three to do the work. You see the human body is a faulty design and legs do not get broken if you spring properly applying the laws of gravity manipulation by turning as you fall, these things do not happen. Another case of human incompetence. Didn’t your mother show you how it was done when you was a kitten.”

“Humans have other things to learn like speaking, and walking as well as the body functions. We do not learn how to fall.”

“You see, another proof of the perfect feline race. We are prepared for all emergencies. if you had a tail and four paws at each end these things would never happen. Opposable thumbs are not everything if you do not have the basic feline knowhow.”

“Thankyou for the helpful advice Tabby, I will bear it in mind the next time I fall.”

“Of course it would be better if I could give you active instructions. I would suggest you take me for a ride in the basket on your thing with wheels so that I can bring the whole problem into perspective.”

“Really Tabby, That basket is for me to carry important objects when I go somewhere.”

“Am I not important? I have offered my assistance and you refuse.”

“Tabby I have a feeling you just want a ride in my new walker.”

“I can only advise you if I get practical experience. I could give your instructions on which route to take.”

“Thankyou Tabby, but I can find the way quite well.”

“But you might fall again.”

“I don’t think so Tabby, Go and do something useful, like eating the tuna fish I just put in your bowl.”

“In that case I will postpone my instructions for your new toy. Tuna fish first of course.”

“Exactly what I thought Tabby.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Bewildered Feline

15 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Bewildered Feline

  1. How sweet of Tabby to offer her assistance. As it happens, we have a three-legged dog right now too. It has limited his leaping skills, however … but I’m sure in a few days, he’ll be flying again. Tabby probably deserves a test drive.

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