Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Creatures

“Everything OK Tabby.”

“Why, interested Mrs. Human?”

“Of course, you are so quiet today.”

“Is that a wonder when I am still suffering from symptoms of human neglect.”

“I thought we discussed that one yesterday and you realised why I had to leave for a week.”

“Of course I realised it, but that does not ease the mental pain I suffered. When I called for attention, there was no answer. I felt unwanted, abandoned. I even meowed myself to sleep.”

“Tabby, I think you are overdoing it a little. You survived and that is the main thing. You look healthy to me and there is no weight loss, so what is the problem?”

“Mrs. Human it is not the external appearance, that is the brave front I show. It is the internal pain and mental stress that I suffered. How would you feel if I left you for a week.?”

“A good idea Tabby. Perhaps you need a change of scenery to help with overcoming your anguish and grief.”

“Do what? Leave my territory, my food bowl, my sleeping places and above all my recycling tray. I would despair, feel lost and unwanted. Or perhaps you could come with me to tend to my needs.”

“I was thinking that you could go to a feline nursing home where you would be cared for by qualified humans.”

“No, I have spent my life training my own human. All the patience and care I have invested would be lost. I have decided to remain here on one condition.”

“Oh great Tabby, I am so pleased. What is the condition?”

“Daily tuna fish of course.”

“Is that all I am to you? Just a tuna fish supplier?”

“Of course, be glad to have opposable thunbs. You might lose your job if I had opposable paws for opening the tins.”

“Oh no Tabby, I would be redundant. No purpose in my human life.”

“Of course, so be thankful that I am keeping you. I will now visit my recycling tray to give you a pupose in your human life and afterwards you may empty it.”

“Oh thank you Tabby, you are so generous.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Creatures