Daily Feline Prompt: Tending Feline


I am exhausted. I am suffering from sleep exhaustion. I had slept for a few hours on my favourite chair and awoke with a hunger pain. I was sure that my five remaining lives would soon be gone and I would be left starving, and the tenth life would soon be appearing. I struggled to my food bowl, hoping to find a life saving flavour of the month. Again disappointment. Had Mrs. Human forgotten me, the light of her human life? Had she decided to let me starve to death? My bowl was full of hard vitamin pellets. There was no imagination, not even a garnish of catmint. Just brown pellets smelling of nothing. They have no smell, they just sit there in the bowl saying “I dare you to eat me”.

There only purpose in my diet seems to be the manufacture of a hairball with contours. I took the risk and chewed through the pellets. They even had a fishy taste, but it was not fish, it was pellet. I meowed but no-one came. I was left on my own.

I had no choice, what can a feline do under these circumstances. I decided to sleep on. To disperse the dark thoughts of despair and neglect. Perhaps somewhere on the horizon a bowl of tuna fish is waiting to resuscitate me. In the meanwhile I must help myself, as Mrs. Human finds I have everything I need.

I discovered a comfortable bed to continue with my sleep therapy. 10 hours is not enough for a feline that was once worshipped as a god. But hark, I hear the sound of opposable thumbs and a tin opener. Could it be, will my wishes be fulfilled?  There is a smell in the air, at last my cries of help will be answered. I am saved by a tin of tuna fish, the human rescuer has decided to tend to my needs.

Daily Feline Prompt: Tending Feline