Daily Feline Prompt: Rube Feline


“Forget it Mrs. Human, I am not a Rube, I am a member of the highest developed species on this planet, as well as my own planet.”

“Oh sorry that I have insulted your intelligence. I should have known better. But I have the opposable thumbs.”

“Big deal Mrs. Human, but I have the nine lives, minus 4 that I lost on the way”  I also have a super sense of smell which humans do not have.”

“I smell enough to empty your recycling tray when necessary.”

“That is your job Mrs. Human, that is why I employ you. If you have such a good sense of smell, how is it that I still get vitamin pellets to eat.They have no smell.”

“But they do Tabby.”

“Describe it.”

“A sort of down to earth smell, strong and basic.”

“I do not do basics Mrs. Human, I am more into delicate and slightly fishy. All I can say is QED.”

“But Tabby that is the final word to a mathaematical theory.”

“Exactly “which was to be proven” and you do not have to look far to prove a human theory.”

“Which means.”

“The Rube formula. Go to the store buy it and serve it. We felines are the victims, as long there is a special offer it will do.”

“But I always make the most of special offers Tabby.”

“I noticed, the rube solution.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Rube Feline