Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Assay


In the old country I would have been modled in metal, in gold at least. We felines were recognised for our true values, we were worshipped and what could be better than have our image established in gold or some other worthy metal. I was thinking with diamonds for my eyes, although our glanz and gloria days are now gone. We are fed with pellets from a plastic bag and humans put a plastic collar around our necks, as a symbol of ownership, although I only permit that to keep the humans happy.

I noticed that it is now possible to have diamonds added to my whiskers, and I am thinking about it. Note my Macdonalds “M” on my forehead, that is a speciality of the Tabby feline.

I own my human, but they do not make collars big enough for my human, and not  having opposable thumbs, I would not be able to guide the human to a suitable place. However, there is an advantage in the opening of the tins of food. I am still able to control the human element: just a stare with my eyes and a telepathic influence works wonders.

And now I must go, it is time for a claw manicure, the points need sharpening

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Assay