Daily Feline Prompt: Enrolled Feline


“Mrs. Human I need something new in my lives, at least 5 of them, the others no longer do new. I have enrolled in a class for advanced feline gourmets.”

“And where is this course taking place?”

“Here of course. Roschti, the neighbour’s feline, we be joining us. Tiddles and Butch will join us online via their pawpads.”

“Then I will leave you to it Tabby.”

“No, that is not the idea. I need your opposable thumbs to open the tins of tuna fish.”

“What tins?”

“We only have the local supermarket tuna fish and I will need variety. If you open the parcel that arrived this morning from Wong’s fish emporium, you will see I have odered a few other variations. There is a Pacific tuna fish and one from the South China Sea. I have also included a sample from the Baltic sea as well as the Indian ocean. You may open the tins and arrange a sample in the various dishes. Roschti and I will try them and let you know the result.”

“I don’t remember ordering anything from Wong.”

“I saved you the bother Mrs. Human. I programmed your credit card details some time ago in my pawpad.”

“Spending my money again?”

“I is our money. What is yours is mine and what is mine is …. mine of course. Roschti has arrived and is already trying the first samples. I will join him.”

“Felines, just a minute, you are eating 5 bowls of tuna fish.”

“It is all in the name or research Mrs. Human. I must say the tuna from that Baltic sea is somewhat neutral in taste, whereas the Chinese tuna has a lingering taste of the sublime. Don’t you think so Roschti?”

“Munch, munch, munch, slurp, meow.”

“You see Mrs. Human, Roschti agrees.”

“I see only two felines eating one bowl of tuna fish after the other.”

“I think we are now finished, you may clear away the empty bowls.”

“And what is the result of this scientific examination.”

“I am not quite sure, I will have to sleep it over. For a reliable decision we will have to continue the project tomorrow.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Enrolled Feline