Daily Feline Prompt: Conjuring Feline


“There you are Tabby. I wanted to take your photo but just as I focussed you moved and I only got a blurry photo.”

“I do not have the time to wait for you to take a photo. My nine lives are too short to sit and wait until you shoot the perfect photo.”

“All you have to do it sit still for a few minutes. Now stay where you are, although I only have half of you in the picture.”

“It depends on which half Mrs. Human. It looks OK to me, it is the front half. I am sure you will win a prize with this photo: A Study in Abstract Feline Art.”

“But you are not looking into the camera.”

“That is not important Mrs. Human. You are capturing the depth of my thoughts. And now I must go. I have other important actions to take. There is a movement in the air and I must capture it.”

“Your mean you are having one of your record breaking movements where you disappear in a flash.”

“Something like that. As the great leader Paws Teddy Roosevelt said “Great thoughts speak only to the thoughtful feline mind, but great actions speak to all felines.”

“But you do not have to speed through the home at 200 kilometers per paw.”

“Of course I do, I must recharge my whiskers for the next task to be completed.”

“Which would be Tabby?”

“Sleep of course. I am tired after all this running around.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Conjuring Feline