Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Sympathy


“Hello Tabby, I am back. It’s me Mrs. Human. Arn’t you talking to me?”

“Did someone say something?”

“Yes Tabby me, your servant, the human slave that looks after you.”

“If you look after me and are my slave, then where were you last week. I could have died from starvation, been killed by a leaf soldier, or be dehydrated through lack of water. You disappear and I am left alone.”

“Tabby you were no completely alone. Mr. Human was looking after you and your food supplies were always replenished.”

“It’s not the same Mrs. Human. You signed the contract and are responsible for my welfare, Mr. Human is just a substitute. I am bitterly disappointed in the human race once again.”

“But Tabby don’t you want to know where I was?”

“Not really, but I am sure you will tell me. Were you on a shopping trip for some luxury articles to improve my feline life.”

“Sorry to disappoint Tabby, but I was in hospital where the human vet has humans that have to be cured because something is not working properly.”

“Did you get jabs in your private parts like what I have to go through when I visit the vet.”

“Yes I did Tabby, but it was to cure me.”

“Are you now cured?”


“Good then you can carry on as before and fill up my bowl with tuna fish. I also had a bad experience. Mr. Human took me to the vet and I was feeling perfectly healthy. The vet stuck a sharp knife in my mouth and scraped my teeth, it was most humiliating, especially when she removed part of the teeth.”

“You mean at last the tartar has been removed from your teeth and you can eat better.”

“I can always eat, but I must say biting is easier on those hard vitamin pellets.”

“Well you seem to have recovered and are back to you normal self. Don’t you want to know how I now feel after my accident. I thought you might sympathise with me.”

“Not really. “Sympathise” does not exist in meow. Just serve me a bowl of tuna fish and I will consider forgiving you for abandoning me for a week, but with extra juice as a compensation.”

“Of course Tabby, how could I neglect you, such a sweet little feline.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Sympathy

14 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Sympathy

  1. Alas, poor Tabby. Hope you and Mrs. Human are both on your way to recovery. Not easy for anyone. Tabby, did you know that she did not go to the hospital in order to cause you harm? (I can hear the laughter crossing the atlantic now)

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