Daily Feline Prompt: I pledge feline allegiance

Are you patriotic? What does being patriotic mean to you?

Tabby having a wash

“Tabby was you pledging on that photo? You have your paw raised.”

“Fluffy I was washing myself and had to keep balance by raising one paw in the air, otherwise I would have missed washing the feline details of the fur. Why do you ask.”

“Because todays prompt says what are we pledging and if we are patriotic. Are we patriotic?”

“Of course we are Fluffy. You know our pledge goes to I, me and myself.”

“Oh, in that case I am also patriotic. Can I include the tuna fish as well.”

“No, fluffy, tuna fish is not a question of patriotism, it is a question of survival, although Mrs. Human finds that vitamin enriched pellets are healthier and more organic.”

“But tuna fish is also organic and I could survive quite well on just tuna fish.”

“It would become boring with time Fluffy. If we only got tuna fish and no pellets, we would have nothing to complain about. We must keep the humans alert to our wishes.”

“Of course Tabby. We do not want them to think that we are satisfied and happy, otherwise they will become lazy.”

“However, we must not forget the pledge we make to Bastet.”

“You mean the one about keeping the mouse population under control.”

“Yes Fluffy, I see you have been reading the book of Bastet in detail, but you should also study the chapter about meals on wings.”

“Is that the one with the list of birds we can eat and those we should avoid because they are bigger than us.”
“Exactly Fluffy. In the meanwhile let us pledge to 23 hours sleep and an hour searching for a sleeping place.”

“Yes, you see we are feline patriots.”

Daily Feline Prompt: I pledge feline allegiance