Daily Feline Prompt: Tenterhooked by a Feline


“Tabby, you look like you are planning something.”

“Quite right Mrs. Human, I am organising your Catmas present list.”

“You are organising gifts for me?”

“Of course, we felines have to look after our enslaved humans at catmas. You shouln’t peep Mrs. Human it should be a surprise, but I might have some questions”

“OK Tabby, I will leave you to get on with it.”

“Catmas gifts for a human

  1. New electric fast cutting tin opener .

Mrs. Human, if you have a new super fast electric tin opener, which colour would you prefer?

“You are giving me a tin opener?”

“Yes, it is a good idea, and gets my food in the bowl quicker. *

“I don’t think the colour will make a big difference.”

“True Mrs. Human, it is the thought that counts.

2. Silent Night Micro climate Pet Bed

3. Landmark Pet House, White House design

4. Organic Catnip Toy Sugar Mouse, 2 pieces

5. Cat gift box contining personalised bowl and drinking fountain, and diamond encrusted collar.”

“Wait ┬áminute Tabby, this is all for you, I see nothing for me.”

“Of course it is for you Mrs. Human. You will have a happy catmas knowing that I have everything my feline heart desires. You can really be quite selfish sometime Mrs. Human. Do you realise how easy it will now be in future to open my tuna fish cans, to hear me purring in happiness in my new soft air conditioned bed and relxing with the perfect catnip mouse. And I will have my rightful place in my new White House designed mansion, just like the president of america. Even he will be jealous.

Imagine how the neighbours will be jealous when they see my new sparkling collar. I will be the talk of the territory and envy of all felines that live here.”

“Yes Tabby, and I will be the joke of the year.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Tenterhooked by a Feline