Daily Feline Prompt: Final Feline


I finally made it. It was an adventurous year, with its normal ups and downs. I managed to keep my five remaining lives and lost none on the way. I lost most of my lives when I was a kitten, but mum meowed that was normal.

Some time during the year we had a new breed of human called builder. I avoided them when I could, but they brought lots of interesting training platforms with them. There were ladders and nice comfortable covers to sleep on. Even my arch enemy, Roschti the feline next door took advantage of them.

Roschti 27.05.2017

Actually they were in my territory, but I decided to let him have his way. It is sometimes wiser to let things be. He nearly lost a life when he tried to climb on the builder’s gymnastic platform, but Mrs. Human helped him to find the way back – silly woman. You do not help other felines in distress, unless it is the feline that owns you.


Unfortunately Roschti survived. I had some very interesting sleeps throughout the year and managed to increase my daily sleep by an hour. Food was not so good as there were more hard vitamin pellets being served and less tuna fish.

Tabby 22.09 (1)

Some of the stuff the builders brought with them was very good for feline exercises. I learned to jump over a ditch and walk on the edge of a metal platform until I reached my home. I also had a ladder to climb on, although Mrs. Human found that was dangerous.

Otherwise nothing really exciting happened and my bird statistics were zero, but chicken from Mrs. Human is also OK. Mice were also very rare, but I think the builder tribe was making too much noise and scared them away.

Tonight is one of the nights of the big bangs, so I will probably sleep through it all. Have a happy new year, I will be back tomorrow. I would thank you all for boosting my human disciples to over 1,000 this year, but as the word “thankyou” does not exist in meow,  just remember felines first.

Tabby 04.06 (3)

Daily Feline Prompt: Final Feline

Daily Feline Prompt: Final Feline


Always look behind you to make sure you are not being followed. Never trust a human, my mum said, they might want to take you to the vet. Humans always want to take us to the vet she said.  She also said do not trust anything, which was typical mum. She was always exaggerating. How comes I have so many half brothers and half sisters that I eventually lost count. I think she trusted to many. They all left her to rear the kids on her own. Eventually she had enough, I heard, and one night she disappeared forever. She had finally had enough.

I am now the final feline of my pack. Nera left some time ago, and floated up to the enternal corn chambers. Fluffy joined her some time later and now there is only I, me and myself to keep everything under control: so always look behind you. I don’t trust that feline next door. I am sure he wants to take over my territory, I have even seen him eating from my food bowl. Ok, no big problem, he is so stupid he eats my hard vitamin pellets which I do not like, but are apparently good for me. Mrs. Human was so pleased that my bowl was half empty (although from my point of view it was half full) that she gave me an extra portion of tuna fish to compensate. I suppose I should be thankful for Roschti, the feline next door.

I always try to keep ahead of the others. Roschti and I always make a scratch in the tree for each hairball we produced, and my scratches are now double as many as he makes. I am sure to win the prize for hairball production in the grand finals of the competition. And now I must catch up on my sleep as I have a work to do. I must follow the others to make sure they are not following me – get me. I am always the first.

Daily Feline Prompt: Final Feline