Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Premonition


“Tabby, what is so interesting outside the window.”

“Shhh, you will scare them away.”


“Them of course, they are always there, waiting for their chance, I can feel it in my whiskers.”

“But who are they?*

“They who should not be mentioned. They are present always accompanying us felines at every turn wasiting for their chance.”

“But I cannot see anything outside.”

“Of course not, you are of the human kind. You only have one life to live.We felines live many lives in the time that you live just one. The life eaters are waiting for their next chance to pounce.”

“Life Eaters Tabby?”

“It is common knowledge that we felines have 9 lives at our disposal. I now only have 5 lives remaining.”

“Were did your 4 lives go?”

“That is the question, they disappeared one day when I was not looking. The life eaters were outside waiting for their chance. They pounce when you do not expect them and you suddenly have a life less. That is why we felines are always watching. I can see one now opposite, hovering behind a bush.”

“That must be quite dangerous. Can I do anything to help?”

“There is only one thing that will keep them away Mrs.Human. They are allergic to certain food, expecially tuna fish.”

“What does that mean.”

“If you feed me daily with tuna fish, it will keep them away. The days when I lost my four lives were the days of hard vitamin pellet food. Understand?”

“Of course Tabby. I understand that I should now feed you daily with tuna fish to ensure a long and ┬áhealthy 9 lives.”

“Exactly Mrs. Human.”

“I prefer to know that you are living a healthy 9 lives with the vitamin pellet food, which is good for you.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Premonition