Daily Feline Prompt: Feline-Human Congregation


“Tabby is that a new sleeping place?”

“Why, does it bother you Mrs. Human?”

“You have so many soft comfortable cushions I was wondering why you are laying on the hard stone floor”.

“Mrs. Human do not trouble your human head about the reasons why I choose my resting place.”

“But it must be uncomfortable.”

“I am very comfortable, otherwise I would not lay here.”

“But isn’t it draughty in front of the window.”

“No, it is not draughty, the window is closed.”

“I am sure you would be more comfortable on a nice soft chair.”

“Mrs. Human is this the third degree?”

“But Tabby you cannot be comfortable.”

“First of all, I am very comfortable.The floor is heated and my body likes to have a warm place to relax. The sun is shining outside, and the waves of warmth are engulfing my body in a pleasant way. I can spread out my luxury body with enough room to accommodate my four paws and tail and I am protected on all sides to prevent my enemies wanting to claim this area as their territory. In other words I am perfectly happy and contented to lay here where I am There is only one little problem I have.”

“Tell me Tabby. Perhaps I can help you.”

“Yes you can Mrs. Human. You could stop asking stupid questions and just let me enjoy a relaxing sleep in the sun on a nice warm floor on my own.”

Daily Feline Peompt: Feline-Human Congregation