Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Disagreement


“Mrs. Human I am going for a walk, so you have enough time to prepare my evening meal of tuna fish for this evening.”

“Tabby, this evening is not tuna fish. You had tuna fish yesterday.”

“Then what little delicacy are you preparing for this evening Mrs. Human?

“I thought a bowl of healthy vitamin pellets, garnished with perhaps a flower from the garden.”

“Do what. You cannot eat flowers so foget it and I am allergic to vitamin pellets, they cause the production of fur balls.”

“That is not true Tabby. Fur balls are a biological process cause by the non-digestion of grass and other vegetable elements that the feline system cannot cope with.”

“Mrs. Human we can cope with everything, except for the super healthy ugly brown hard vitamin pellets that you call food. You only serve them as convenience food. You can compare them to the frozen fish fingers that you cook now and again for your human meal. Everyone knows that fish swim in water, with help of their fins, they are not rectangular with a coating of breadcrumbs.”

“But they are very tasty and save a lot of cooking time if you want a quick meal.”

“Exactly. We felines are conosseurs, we do not do quick and time saving. We like to savour the flavours of our food, and this is not possible by forcing down the tasteless vitamin pellets.”

“But Tabby, the are healthy and maintain the silky shine on your fur, make your eyes bright and shiny and strenthen your whiskers.”

“Stop reading the text on the plastic bag that the pellets arrive in. You will start believing that rubbish. You are being manipulated by the synthehtic feline food processing industry Mrs. Human. I have decided to return to my roots. From now on I want only environment friendly food, freshly killed with no artificial additives, I have become “megan”.”


“Yes, it is something like “Vegan” from the human word “vegetable”, but as we felines are not able to digest the vegetable, we are “megan” from the words “meow” and “meat”.  This means that vitamin pellets are now tabu, to be preserved as a reminder of the vitamin pellet killing days.”

“I don’t quite get it Tabby.”

“You do not have to “get it”, just serve a plate of tuna this evenng, or kill a mouse, and I will be happy.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Disagreement