Daily Prompt: Cause, Meet Effect – good water, happy Tabby

You can singlehandedly create a causal relation between two things that are currently unconnected — a word and an emotion, a song and an extreme weather event, wearing a certain color and winning the lottery. What cause would you link to what effect, and why?

Tabby drinking water 21.12.2014

It is all a matter of how you look at. For a feline like myself, all be it a very intelligent feline of advancing years, I collected much knowledge on the way. Water, is not just water. You may think that it is all the same, some a little cleaner than the other, perhaps it differs in temperature and texture, but this is all connected with nature and with my feline taste buds.

Tell me, would you as a common human, drink any wine, no matter its name or when it was picked from the vine on the mountain side. Of course not, you want the best. A common lowlife cooking wine is not to be compared with a Chateau Neuf du Papes from a nobel French vineyard. Wine must mature, must have the right temperature and not just from any old backyard vine, but a special place. The soil must be suitable: there must be the correct amount of sun to ripen the grapes and not too much rain. The sweeter the wine, the better.

Water is the same. Do not give me water from the tap. I know that humans like it, it is fresh, but full of cleansing chemicals. The palette of a feline is to be cared for. If you were given a glass of vinegar you would be disgusted and would refuse and human taste buds are even on the lower scale of development.

We felines look back on a history of perfect taste development. We do not drink just any water. It should be fresh, but not too fresh. The best water comes from above, in its natural state of refinement. Full of the qualities provided by nature at its best. Rain, is the perfect source of water. The next step in the process is to let it be. Just a few hours to let the unwanted elements return in the atmosphere and condense. They we have the core of the water, the real thing. If there is a little sediment at the bottom of the dish, this is not so bad. It is proof that it is the real thing and not something arriving from a treated water supply.

You see, there are many things related to a dish of water, but if everything is prepared correctly (are you listening Mrs. Human) then we felines have the perfect supplement for our digestive system. You may notice in the photo that I am extracting the water with my paw. The real connoisseurs amongst us will not just lap up water with the tongue, that is for beginners. To savour the essence of the water it is advisable to place the right paw in the dish and raise it to the mouth.

An experienced water tasting feline will then lick the paw and drop for drop absorb the water into its sensitive mouth. This is the essence of water. The canines just lap it up like some sort of wild animal, no patience, no enjoyment, it is so common. We felines take our time. This morning I was at least ten human minutes with my water bowl, but I had to be patient. Mrs. Human placed it outside, so I waited until it was tempered to the correct temperature, not too cold and not too warm. There were a few impurities as I believe it was tap water, but we have had no rain for some time, and even a superior feline has to endure such limitations.

Humans, think before placing a dish of water in front of felines. Consider their requirements. Treat your water supply as you would a glass of old cognac: with care and in a suitable bowl, not just any bowl, but classy, even noble. I have a stainless steel bowl, but Wedgwood china would also be suitable. I would emphasise the relationship between water and a feline is not casual, it is something to be held in respect.

I rest my case.

Daily Prompt: Cause, Meet Effect – good water, happy Tabby